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Did you know? The average golf ball travels roughly 150 MPH after being hit. A golf ball at that speed can do some real damage, particularly if there’s nothing there to stop it. With unlimited possibilities attached to an errant ball, driving range netting is necessary for any modern golf course.
Having the experience to install driving netting is vital, especially given this investment can give your golf range some real peace of mind. Thankfully, you’ll get just that with Guardian Netting Contractors.

Guardian Netting Contractors has installed miles of driving range and golf course netting, boasting a level of tested experience that is unrivaled. Trusted as the best Driving Range & Golf Netting Installer in the Southeastern US!

Our quality netting and installation will mitigate any potential liability your course may have with flying balls. With Guardian Netting, you’ll be safeguarding the spectators, players, and property. Allowing your business to focus on the important thing; the customer experience.

How high should driving range netting be? We get this question a lot. Course owners, country clubs, and sports facilities want peace of mind that spectators and club members are protected. Since no two golf courses are the same, no needs for netting are just alike. Our professionals have what it takes to identify what every course needs Guardian Netting can build golf netting as high as 185 feet if needed, capable of protecting even the largest of courses. Guardian Netting engineers and installs custom netting for driving ranges, small to very large PGA-rated courses, and indoor golf facilities.  Our netting is engineered for specific wind load calculations.  Poles installation is calibrated for the soil conditions.

From California to Florida we are considered the best in the business for the protection of real estate, cars, and pedestrians. We offer only top-quality netting designed for high-impact that is 100 percent guaranteed to last.  We offer only the very best commercial grade golf course and driving range netting to keep your country club, golf course, or driving range safe.  Protect spectators, vehicles, homes, and property with Guardian Netting!

  • Storm Safe
  • Steel, Wood & Fiberglass Structures
  • UV Treated Netting
  • Netting Replacement
  • Custom Netting Enclosures
  • Perimeter Systems
  • Heavy Duty Steel Poles
  • Indoor & Outdoor Systems

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