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Contraband is one of the biggest problems facing prisons and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Traditional methods like, police dogs, metal detectors, surveillance equipment, and officers are not enough to keep out unwanted drugs, weapons, and other contraband out of our prison systems.

In Ridgeville, SC, and prisons across the US, security measures are reaching new heights. Director Bryan Stirling said, “As folks think of new and innovative ways to get contraband in we will have countermeasures to try to stop that.”

Whether it’s cell phones, illicit drugs, cigarettes, or other prohibited items, contraband among prisoners nationwide remains a constant test for correctional officers. Ways to smuggle contraband have advanced and changed, facilities must adapt to prevent the dangers contraband stands to introduce.

Contraband Prevention Netting Systems offer a great way to deter, mitigate, or stop the delivery of contraband entering into prisons, jails, and detention centers via “toss overs” by creating a see-through barrier between the outside world and the inside of the prison fence.

Guardian Netting Contractors is capable of handling even the most challenging security tests.  Our overhead netting designs stop contraband from being tossed or dropped into a prison yard at any angle. 

The netting we use is:

  • Fire retardant
  • Chemical & weather resistant
  • UV Treated
  • High-density polypropylene
  • Has a breaking strength of 208 lbs

Prison & Contraband Netting Projects

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