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Watching a baseball game live is one of America’s oldest hobbies. Though, once a ball leaves the field, there’s a real chance for the fun to end.

Stories detailing baseballs seriously injuring spectators and damaging cars are becoming more and more frequent. Harming both the image of the game and the parks that host them. And while everyone loves going for a catch on a foul ball, nobody wants the backstop to be a place that makes you run for cover.

Backstop netting offers a way to keep the spectators close, while they stay safe. While many are familiar with the original chain-link backstops, the technology surrounding baseball has changed. Netting provides flexibility for every park and Guardian Netting Contractors’ sport and age-appropriate netting offers more protection than traditional backstop lines of protection. Our nets come in black, or green to better blend in with the surrounding stadium features.

Backstop netting also saves the experience for the spectator. Unlike conventional chain-link backstops, baseball netting obstructs little of the view and can be hung much higher, allowing fans to watch with no fear. Using cable suspended tie-back backstop netting our systems provide the very best viewing experience for a baseball audience.

Guardian Netting Contractors offers installation services for any size system and can tailor backstop netting installs to service and cover any ballpark imaginable. 

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